Change Arrives in DC… (159/365) (004/365)

Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches, letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights. ~ Pauline R. Kezer

Today as I was walking around the city shooting photos, I happened upon quite a unique opportunity. I was a couple blocks behind the White House when I started seeing barricaded streets. It was then I remembered Barack Obama and his family would be arriving at the Hay Adams hotel in Washington, DC… hence the barricades. Foot traffic was still allowed and a group of people and media had begun to form across the street from the Hay Adams. I wandered over and hung out for about half an hour before the first caravan came through. I’m about 99% sure I saw Michelle Obama waving at the crowd through the window of one of these SUVs. I stuck around for another half hour or so, hoping to see Barack, but to no avail. The temperature and the fact that I had had not only a latte but a full bottle of water caught up with me and I needed to leave.

Considering my luck, I’m sure he probably arrived not 10 minutes after I left. But still, it was a cool opportunity. It was fun to watch the crowd around the hotel and listen to them relaying their excitement over the upcoming presidency.

16 days and counting…


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