(302/365) (149/365)

(302/365) (149/365), originally uploaded by kimberlyfaye.

"Things turn out best for those who make the best of the way things turn out." ~ Jack Buck

I’m a bit bummed with the way this weekend turned out. My mom and aunt arrived on Thursday afternoon and we went to dinner and then visited the Pentagon 9-11 Memorial and the Air Force Memorial afterward. It was the start of what I hoped would be a great weekend.

We went to breakfast on Friday morning and then headed out to Homestead Gardens in Davidsonville, MD. My aunt wasn’t feeling well when we got there, but told Mom and I to go ahead and go in and she’d call if she started to feel worse. Unfortunately she did and we had to make a trip back to the hotel… over an hour away. She tends to get sick when she travels and it can be frustrating because she gets to the point where she gets dehydrated and occasionally has to be hospitalized… which ultimately ends up ruining the weekend that was planned.

She rested yesterday while Mom and I visited the National Cathedral and went to dinner, but wasn’t feeling any better last night. Mom ended up driving back home about 1:00 in the morning so Aunt Linda could go to the hospital. I feel bad that she’s sick, but I’m also really, really bummed about how this weekend turned out. I’ve been looking so forward to this trip it stinks that it only lasted for a little over a day.

So, now I need to get outta the house and figure out what I’m going to do with my day. Bummer.


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